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Lucio del Pazzo

Below you will find our fist online auction. Should you be interested in participating please note the following important information and rules:

In the description section of each image you will find the lot number and the details of the piece.​


All pieces start with an attractive opening bid and whoever places the highest offer by the time the auction closes will be the winner. 

To place a bid you need to get in touch with us through a phone call, email, or if you prefer you can leave a DM with your details in our Instagram account. We will immediately get back in touch with you and update the price on the piece.​


If a last-minute bid is placed just before the sale ends, we will wait 5 minutes for the underbidder to decide if he wants to walk or bid up the price.  In this manner, the time frame will roll until the last bid stands for 5 minutes.​

While the winning bid total is inclusive of shipping within Mexico City, please know we will be happy to recommend a professional shipper to whoever needs it.

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