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Ana Betbeze

Art, as we already know, can be relevant beyond its intellectual, emotional, and cultural value.  It is a well known fact that Art is less susceptible to the risks that come along with the downturns of financial markets; and thanks to its intrinsic value, Art recovers and even grows faster than a traditional asset during adverse times.


One of the many responsibilities we have these days is to find the best way to diversify our portfolio and secure our assets. Given the fact that our clients and friends are our top priorities, we developed this program to help them start, or continue expanding, their collection in an accessible, comfortable way.


The original pieces, prints, and multiples we have in our inventory can be acquired through fixed monthly payments that suit our clients budget.  This program allows you to treat yourself and your loved ones to a work of art while at the same time looking after your long term interests.


Zak Prekop

Original pieces

These are unique pieces, regardless of the support and material used.


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Decorative Art

Objects that are prized for their utility rather than only by their aesthetic qualities, made usually in materials like ceramics, glassware, jewelry, metalware and textiles, among others.

HAMPEL Cristo 68cm.jpg


Multiples are identical 2D or 3D limited edition objects.



An impression made by any method (silkscreen, engraving, etching, lithography, etc) involving transfer from one surface like wood, copper or stone to another.

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